Paramount Performance With Audi R8 Exhaust Systems

What do consumers get when taking Gallardo design, Audi engineering and slapping race car all over the advertising pitches?  Keep reading more about Performance with Audi R8 Exhaust Systems. Audi aficionados would know it’s an R8, perhaps the second most popular racing vehicle around, and another car which defies price. Before hunting an Audi R8 for salearound your city, you’d better seek your wife’s permission, especially since it was voted Faster Car Worldwide in 2007.  Yes, those who’ve got $200k laying helpless around waiting for spending can throw down on this beast.


Tried first in racing, R8 became road ready in 2007 and was copycatted from Audi Le Mans which was introduced in 2003. Used in Master’s PGA event as safety car and manufactured in Neckarsulm, Germany, Audi AG nailed the Lamborghini Superleggera look yet kept German roots in engine performance. First production in 2005 saw 6 total units sold while peaking at 5,500-plus in 2008.  Currently, Audi has seen the popularity skyrocket while numerous magazines call this racing beast the ‘Car of the Future’, and rightfully so – most MSRP stickers list the R8 under $200k, $148k average.

Under The Hood

Ninety lucky sports car fans looking for their first Audi R8 for sale will get the R8 GT, kicking 560HP into the wind. Most transmission configurations feature 6-speed manuals yet automated manuals aren’t uncommon when being ordered. Standard models are 4.2L V10’s which still don’t skimp on performance while still offering cool features as the backup camera, parking sensors and sport tuned suspensions.  The higher-end models feature slightly more HP (up to 560) and 5.2L displacements.  Automatic models are considered slightly more sluggish than manual models while many complain of interior dashboard confusion.  For the smaller price tags yet comparable to Countach performance, buyers will settle.


Four main models with variable engine sizes provide the girth for Audi R8, all which offer unique body styling and option changes upon manufacturing.  These models include:

  • 5.2L GT – meant for those special buyers since only 90 are orderable.
  • 5.2L Spyder – automatic tranny with 525hp pumping through your veins.
  • 5.2L Quattro – available both in manual or automatic, both also rocking 525 @ 8000 RPM.
  • 4.2L – provided for those with sub-millionaire budgets.  Available in Spyder or Quattro.

Future cars featuring Audi AG R8 design will probably come from other manufacturers yet the bar has been set pretty high by numerous magazines and even Playboy Magazine.

More Information about Audi R8 Exhaust Systems

Those who hold little regard for cargo spacing, rearview guidance or getting into their R8 would definitely find the lower price just enough mitigating reason to purchase an Audi R8 for sale from any authorized dealership. Those preferring enough room for food, conscious about environment or would rather not race should probably stick to soccer mom memorabilia as only the power hungry, race thirsty and spendaholic approved need apply for R8 membership. Slightly more expensive than Porsche, more exciting than Lamborghini and more sought after than both combined make Audi R8 ownership worthy of bowing to less cargo space, one main complaint reviewers have based their overall thoughts on.

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